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Re: How to proceed with the Portuguese translations of debian-edu-doc?

Hi Josè,

[ José Vieira, 2021-03-20 ]
> [ Wolfgang Schweer, 2021-03-20 ]
> > If the PO file would be renamed from 
> > »debian-edu-bullseye-manual.pt.po«to 
> > »debian-edu-bullseye-manual.oldspelling-pt.po (same for the Buster 
> > manual), a package »debian-edu-doc-oldspelling-pt« could be built.
> Sounds good to me. Just a question, though: would there be an easy way 
> for the user to choose which manual to open (current spelling or old 
> spelling), or would the system default to one of them?

The Debian Edu setup could be adjusted to install both packages in case 
someone chooses pt_PT as locale, allowing each user to open the manual 
with the preferred spelling.

The related script needs to be adjusted anyway, now that 
debian-edu-doc-pt-pt has a chance to show up in Bullseye.

Also, there's always jenkins.debian.net with the latest translations 
available, see:


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