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Re: How to proceed with the Portuguese translations of debian-edu-doc?

Thanks Frans.
[In my opinion, a separate debian-edu-doc-pt package would have the advantage that Portuguese-speaking Debian users would at least be able to find the Debian Edu documentation in their usual spelling, even though they may have to settle for a spelling that is less common for them in many of the programs they installed.]
This was in fact what I had in mind. The task was to have a manual translated in several languages, so I didn't think this could have implications with the OS. But if it does, there is no need to make things more difficult than what they need to be. You can just drop the pt version, no problem, or the pt-PT one, whichever doesn't match the Debian OS version. Or just keep it in hosted-weblate in case some one asks you guys to open an additional pt-PT version of the Debian OS for translation.
José Vieira

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