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Re: Portuguese added as new translation component to Debian Edu Bullseye manual at hosted weblate

Hi José,

José Vieira schreef op vr 12-03-2021 om 21:19 [+0000]:
> Hi Frans,
> «Not an extra locale was my concern, actually, but rather the workload
> for a
> > translator who has to maintain two translations. So, please go ahead.»
> > 
> > > OK then. So, I'll do it with the po file, which I've already
> > > downloaded, using the already finished translation to pt-PT and some
> > > tools -- meld, the "search and replace" function of text editors and
> > > Gnome Translation Editor (or POEdit or Virtaal). When I've finished
> > > the new translation I'll upload the translated file.

Perfect, but if I'm not mistaken, I guess ssantos has don this already.
Maybe take a look at hosted-weblate first.

Kind regards,
Frans Spiesschaert

> > Kind regards,
> José Vieira

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