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Re: Proposal to enable Danish, Spanish and Italian at Weblate

Hi Frans,

[ Frans Spiesschaert, 2021-03-12 ]
> However, the last translation update for Italian dates from Feb 2020
>          the last translation update for Danish dates from Feb 2019
>          the last translation update for Spanish dates from Apr 2015
> and none of these languages have received any response to the recent call
> for translation updates. 

I guess it would be good to enable Spanish on weblate, but be aware of 
possible translations showing up for maybe es_ES, es_MX, and other 
variants. IIRC es_MX showed up some time ago and the existing Spanish 
translation is es_ES.

As far as Danish and Italian are concerned, I'm not so sure. Maybe it 
would be an idea to ping both translators again with a response date 
set, and then enable both languages on weblate if there's no answer in 


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