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Re: debian-edu-doc: reworking content of binary packages

Wolfgang Schweer schreef op do 03-09-2020 om 23:47 [+0200]:
> Hi frans,
> thanks for the additional consideration.
I think I hoped a little bit that someone should step in to try to update
those outdated manuals, but probably this is not quite realistic.
> > So, If I understand this correctly, this means no longer seeking new
> > translations and translation updates.
> Yes. Maybe a hint could be placed on weblate concerning the withdrawal 
> of the three manuals with outdated content and the intention to ship 
> complete and almost complete translations via legacy packages.

Could we make an attempt to plot a timeline?

1. Announce the withdrawal of the outdated manuals at weblate.

2. Update the wiki to point to these manuals and their translations.

3. Create the new package debian-edu-doc-legacy.

Do I still miss certain elements here?

Kind regards,
Frans Spiesschaert

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