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Re: debian-edu-doc: reworking content of binary packages

Hi frans,

thanks for the additional consideration.

[ Frans Spiesschaert, 2020-09-02 ]
> Nevertheless, I just have no idea whether, by acting like this, we will not
> make too sudden a break with the past for the target audience of the
> manuals and for those educational institutions that may rely on it. Let me
> try to explain my concerns in this regard.
> If I'm not mistaken the Audacity and Rosegarden manuals are primarily
> targeted at classroom teachers, while the ITIL manual is primarily meant
> for the school management, and the buster/bullseye manual being helpful in
> the first place for the school IT responsible. I don't know if e.g. even
> the very concise and outdated Audacity manual might be helpful for teachers
> to get started with that program. I honestly have no idea. While the
> program itself is indeed translated into the languages of the Debian Edu
> founding father's countries, Norway and France, and many other languages,
> there are on the contrary no translations at all of the very comprehensive
> manual. The same applies to the Rosegarden manual, while this program even
> lacks a Norwegian Bokmål translation, e.g. Won't people on the ground feel
> themselves deprived of an, admittedly very imperfect, resource?
> Given these doubts in me, let me just say that I stay behind your proposals
> and that I hope that we will receive signals if it turns out that people on
> the ground consider this a too drastic change.

I can understand your concerns. But then, the already published manuals 
will still be available in debian-edu-doc legacy packages (and some not 
yet published ones, too).

> I feel less insecure about treating the ITIL manual the same as you propose
> to treat the Audacity and Rosegarden manuals, because for a long time the
> ITIL manual has only been possibly meaningful to Norwegian schools in the
> absence of an English version.

> > Keep it on wiki.debian.org with a remark like 'Outdated, but still 
> > useful in parts'. Drop it from weblate.
> So, If I understand this correctly, this means no longer seeking new
> translations and translation updates.

Yes. Maybe a hint could be placed on weblate concerning the withdrawal 
of the three manuals with outdated content and the intention to ship 
complete and almost complete translations via legacy packages.


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