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Re: Partition resizing fails

Moin Lars,

On Fri, Dec 27, 2019 at 10:20:42PM +0100, Lars Kruse wrote:
> thus maybe a simple "lvextend ... || lvextend -A n ..." (both with the 
> same other options) could be a trivial solution for this specific 
> problem? (accompanied by an explanation of the purpose of this second 
> attempt)

As far as I understand Roman's report, this 'lvextend -A n ...' would 
only be needed if the root filesystem is totally full. In this rare case 
during tests on a new system, as a required first step something 
like 'lvextend -A n -L+200M /dev/vg_system/root' would be needed to get 
out of this mess without moving files out of the way.

All following lvextend commands would then do without the -A n option.

Please correct me if I'm wrong,


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