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Re: Partition resizing fails

On Fri, Dec 27, 2019 at 05:48:35PM +0100, Roman Meier wrote:
> Yep, this is exactly what happened.
> /etc/lvm/archive/.lvm_tjener.intern_6654_928137001: fclose failed: No
> space left on device
> :)

[Romam Meier]
> >> The issue was that a minimal amount of space is required to execute an
> >> lvextent of /dev/vg_system/root. In my case the space was just not big
> >> enough.
> >

[Lars Kruse]
> > I guess, the LVM tools tried to create a new meta backup below
> > /etc/lvm/archive
> > and failed (in a mysterious way). I am not sure, how to work around this
> > (or
> > provide a better error message) in this case.

According to 'man lvextent' the '-A n' option could be used. This seems 
to be acceptable if running into such a rare issue on a test system.


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