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Re: [note] Some of weblate entrie seems reverted when wiki updates


Wolfgang Schweer schreef op vr 17-05-2019 om 11:34 [+0200]:
> Hi hoxp18,
> after wiki updates manual work is (still) needed to update weblate.
> So 
> there is some delay (of some days, I guess).

That is correct. Usually the Weblate git-repo lags one week behind.

As a standard workflow Weblate expects a developer to merge all weblate
translation updates before updating his template file. While the
debian-edu-doc manual sees a continuous flow of updates, this standard
workflow does not fit very well with debian-edu-doc documentation.

Therefore once a week the most recent template file is merged with the
most recent translation files from Weblate. This happens outside any
git-repo in order to avoid merge conflicts. The result is an up-to-date 
translations against an up-to-date template. This result then is
uploaded to Weblate and to Salsa. This means also that already
translated strings can suddenly show up again as to be translated. This
is e.g. frequently the case for template 2 of the manual, each time the
date stamp changes.

Kind regards,
Frans Spiesschaert

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