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Re: [note] Some of weblate entrie seems reverted when wiki updates

To: Debian Edu (manual) team

Apology for multiple mails.

On 5/17/19 7:15 AM, hoxp18 wrote:
1. Maybe I should use VCS and modify .po files,
    sending patches and/or making push-requests.

2. Or I could download my weblate history,
    under my local VCS management.

3. Weblate seems to forget/make-a-mistake to reflect
    wiki modification;

    e.g.) some new paragraphs not seen in "untranslated"

I'm not used to Git but I can use bzr-git.
I'll do translations by [1].

1. I made guest account on salsa to do "bzr branch edu-repo.git master"
   It is slow and requires auth each times.

   And salsa says 200KB limitation for me. Now I understand some related
   mails in this ML.

2. I switched using git itself. fast.

3. I'm planning to send patch in ordinal .diff in this ML.

If you have any idea/pitfall-warning/suggestion, please tell me.


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