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Re: [report] "gateway" installation for amd64 dual NIC machine using 2019-05-13 image.

Hi hoxp18,

thanks a lot for your report.

On Thu, May 16, 2019 at 06:26:15PM +0900, hoxp18 wrote:
> NG: Intel I219V and I210 dual NIC
>  -> Intel I219-LM and I211 dual NIC (and a Wi-Fi module which I removed)
> 19. ifconfig shows both eth0 and eth1 up; dhcp and

> 21. Shutdown it, placed the "gateway" in the test env position.
> 22. boot: eth1 side L2 switch LED shows it's up.
> 23. Boot "main machine" to check "gateway".
>     router -> eth0:gateway:eth1 -> L2 -> - "main server"
>     * sudo ping shows 100% packet loss.
>     * ip route shows,
>       default via dev eth 0 onlink
> dev eth0 proto kernel scope link src
>     * No Internet connection available.

After rebooting the machine, the eth0 and eth1 order might have switched 
due to some different onboard chip activation order. This has sometimes 
been an issue with those legacy interface names in the past.

The new naming scheme makes the interface order persistent between 
reboots. If you use those names, you also have to adjust enable-nat 
(default is: OUTSIDE_IF=eth0).

(Due to a lack of hardware I'm unable to do tests in the real world, but 
I followed the gateway installation recipe once again on a virtual 
network and can confirm that it actually works: an existing main server 
connects to the Internet via the new gateway.)


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