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Re: [report] "gateway" installation for amd64 dual NIC machine using 2019-05-13 image.

Dear Wolfgang Schweer,

On 5/15/19 6:43 PM, Wolfgang Schweer wrote:
Hi hoxp18,

a big thank you for the installation report.

On Wed, May 15, 2019 at 08:44:11AM +0900, hoxp18 wrote:
Installation media: netinst edu testing image 2019-05-13

Modify BIOS boot priority on demand.

1. Installation

0. Connected eth0: Internet side, DHCP via primary router.
1. Connected eth1: Debian Edu internal network side,
                    connected to a L2 switch (without any other host.)
2. Started installation by "expert mode" in English

This is supposed to be a pitfall; you need to know quite a lot about the
Debian installer tasksel modification done by Debian Edu.

It is, yes.

After I attempted some,
I noticed /etc/network/interfaces be overwritten by some program.

After some reboots, it become ethN and enpX mixture
which does not make sense.

3. Almost default setting except locale/timezone/keymap.
4. Network detect: go
5. Configure network (Internet side): go (DHCP)
6. Profile "Minimal"
7. automatic partitioning
8. root user only; no normal user on this "gateway"
9. Detect disk: go
10. partition disk: go
11. Install base system: go
12. Kernel: "linux-image-amd64", targeted (only needed modules)
13. apt: n.p. only security updates
14. Select and install software: n.p.
15. Use "Automatic security update"
16. Software selection: "standard system utilities" only.

This actually *is* the pitfall. You need to select 'Debian Edu
common packages for networked systems' in addition.
This item will be preselected if you install in 'debian-edu-expert' mode
(kernel parameter), see
but will be missing if you use the vanilla Debian 'expert' mode.

Again, yes, it IS a pitfall, now I see.
I'll avoid "standard system utilities only".

17. Build LTSP chroot: SKIP
18. Install GRUB: MBR, w/o EFI removable media path forcing.
19. Install Debian Edu Profile: LTSP chroot SKIPPED,
20. Finish installation: go

2. Configuration as a gateway, using the manual

0. Initial boot: go
1. Network status: NG, both eth0 and eth1 is not up.

I was able to reproduce this failure with 'standard system utilities'
as only selection, i.e. decided to keep sitting in the pit.

I also did the same "too simple selection", and falling into the pit.


* Forcing old style NIC names on gateway has problem.

-> pitfall; should not happen if vanilla Debian Edu installation
    methods are used (tested again).
* Editing /etc/network/interfaces by new style NIC names works.

Sure, you have a vanilla Debian installation
Thanks again for your very detailed report, much appreciated.

Maybe some caveat should be added to the manual concerning the pitfall?


That would be nice to add about it to the manual,
since I misunderstood that gateway installation does not require
Debian Edu specific ones => made it too simplified => now in the pit.

And I also felt boot up is so slow. That might have common root.
(missing part may made some program confused at boot up time, I guess.)

So, "For gateway, we can use Debian Edu "Minimal profile",
but cannot and/or should-not reduce anything from the profile
and/or settings".

Thank you for telling me a lot.
I'll try vanilla Debian Edu "Minimal" profile install for it.


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