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Re: [report] Debian Edu Buster 2019-05-13 main server installation report

Dear Wolfgang Schweer,

On 5/15/19 6:56 PM, Wolfgang Schweer wrote:
On Wed, May 15, 2019 at 10:27:19AM +0900, hoxp18 wrote:
Using amd64 Debian Edu "gateway" (new style NIC names),
Now Debian Edu Buster "main server" has been installed
in isolated localnet.

0. amd64 Kaby Lake 4core 32GB DRAM, NVMe.
1. Using netinst ISO 2019-05-13 image
2. On "gateway" LAN side.
3. GUI install, in Japanese.
4. Base installation: go
5. Profiles: "main server" and "workstation"
6. GRUB installation: NG

    I installed on NVMe but the installer confused
    about GRUB install destination.

Like expected. IIRC, Debian Edu defaults to /dev/sda...

To make matter worse, I forgot to remove another SATA SSD, too.

I thought that box has only one NVMe,
but actually had a SATA SSD.

That mean, for me, /dev/sda was not a glitch; there was a SSD.

BTW, simply go back and then /dev/nvmep0n1 appeared in the list.
I think it's not so much problematic.
(I missed to confirm the logs in tty4, sorry.)

9. Internet connection: NG

Is 'gateway' pingable?

No. I was attempting to fix and reboot the "gateway" many times.
During that, I noticed /etc/network/interface became funny,
as I described in the gateway report reply.


* Installation on amd64 Debian Edu Buster "main server"
   with "workstation" profiles seems OK,
   in a localnet under the amd64 Debian Edu "gateway".

   I'll do Internet connection stuff later.

* Japanese desktop seems fine; no character corruption.

* Japanese Input seems okay.

Very nice.

Thanks again for your detailed report.


Overall, It seems,

1. I should re-install the gateway as you told me; no-expert mode,
   no reduction. Use GUI "Minimal" install mode and then follow
   the manual description precisely; no more, no less.

   Perhaps after few days; I need time for other messy stuffs,
   and now in HDMI-cable shortage with length-limitations.

   That means, every time I install/manipulate gateway, I need cable
   and machine positional replacements in my rack, physically.

   In short, give me some more time.

2. Perhaps "main server" would be kept as it is.


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