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Re: Debian Edu manual Japanese status, and question about gateway and "profiles".

Dear Wolfgang Schweer,

On 5/11/19 12:50 AM, Wolfgang Schweer wrote:
Question about gateway using Debian Edu Minimal

When I checked the "gateway howto" script, I found this.

$ apt-file show debian-edu-config | grep nat
debian-edu-config: /etc/init.d/enable-nat

I think following the manual to build amd64 gateway
using Debian Edu would makes things easy and simple,
and I'll do in the way;

Even so, here is what I want to ask,
just because I'm curious about it.

Q: What is the pros of using Debian Edu for gateway?
    (except the setting script and the nat-service above)

Nothing else, I guess. It's intended as help for users.

Got it. I'll keep using Debian Edu gateway for a while.
In the future, perhaps I replace it pure Debian with iptables.

Question about (translation of) "Profiles"

Q: Should profile names have "translated names"?

Yes. Please use/keep the translations that are used during system setup,

Oh, shame. That's what I should/need/have-to read it!
Thank you for telling!

    IMHO they should be English, from 2 reasons.
    * It would make "machine or profile" explicit.
    * Considering some locale C ttys and PXE menu.

No, please see above.
Q: Should profile names have explicit "profile" post-fixes?

    Say, "Main Server Profile", "LTSP Server Profile".

No, in the manual it should rather be "Main-Server" profile,
"LTSP-Server" profile with those terms translated to ja like already
    It may help users not to be confused about
    "Is this main server means the machine, or profile?"

If you find related text in the manual, please report it.

Ack. This weekend I'll re-check those terms in the manual
which does not match with the installer po file.

Thanks for your work, really awesome!


Great thanks for you, too!

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