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Debian Edu manual Japanese status, and question about gateway and "profiles".

To: Debian Edu team


Manual Translation Report

It seems I finished the major part translations.
(I "Save"d most of them at Weblate this time,
 except LDAP related translations.)

Copyright and history sections still have
no translations a lot; I'll do that later. maybe.

2019-05-13 version will be in almost ja, I hope.

My plan

And, my new hardware test finished successfully.

So, next week, I would start building my own testing
Debian Edu env, using the "translated" manual as possible,
to verify the content at once.

Question about gateway using Debian Edu Minimal

When I checked the "gateway howto" script, I found this.

$ apt-file show debian-edu-config | grep nat
debian-edu-config: /etc/init.d/enable-nat

I think following the manual to build amd64 gateway
using Debian Edu would makes things easy and simple,
and I'll do in the way;

Even so, here is what I want to ask,
just because I'm curious about it.

Q: What is the pros of using Debian Edu for gateway?
   (except the setting script and the nat-service above)

   some kind of admin such as syslog become more friendly?

Question about (translation of) "Profiles"

Q: Should profile names have "translated names"?

   IMHO they should be English, from 2 reasons.
   * It would make "machine or profile" explicit.
   * Considering some locale C ttys and PXE menu.

Q: Should profile names have explicit "profile" post-fixes?

   Say, "Main Server Profile", "LTSP Server Profile".

   It may help users not to be confused about
   "Is this main server means the machine, or profile?"


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