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Re: Need some direction with edu packages ported from ubuntu to debian

HI Deepanshu

I'll be afk starting from tomorrow (for the next 14 days). So only some small pointers from me...

On  Do 26 Jul 2018 22:00:56 CEST, Deepanshu wrote:


I have created the education meta-packages. education-preschool,
education-primaryschool, education-secondaryschool, education-highschool.
Created a separate repository salsa.debian for it -
I fixed all the bugs and warning that found using lintian.

1. don't commit any .deb files or other packaging files to Git. Only debian/ (and possibly upstream files).

2. look at Debian blends and the blends framework for creating meta packages. In fact, you simply need to add some lines to the debian-edu.tasks file in src:package debian-edu.

Wolfgang Schweer wrote about all that in a previous mail, please review his writings from some weeks ago. It was all in there.

Also, I have included vagrant directory that has a Vagrantfile and some
scripts. It would automatically create
and install these debian packages by just a single command `vagrant up`. If
the user has vagrant installed.

The vagrant files will not be needed. We use scripts from the blends-dev package to create the debian/control file and normal dpkg-buildpackage to create the .deb files.

You mentioned that I should create a merge request. But, I am not sure
which files to change in
 https://salsa.debian.org/debian-edu/debian-edu or somewhere else. So I
have not created any merge requests yet.
 I would need some help with that.

Please re-read the previous mails.

@Wolfgang: can you provide more input if needed? Thanks!


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