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Re: Need some direction with edu packages ported from ubuntu to debian

Cc'ing debian-outreach

On Sat, Jun 30, 2018 at 09:23:13PM +0000, Mike Gabriel wrote:
>   * identify educational packages in Ubuntu that are not in Debian
>   * package them for Debian

As far as I know, all packages recommended via the meta-packages in 
question: ubuntu-edu-{preschool|primary|secondary|tertiary} are 
available in Debian.
> Then the edubuntu meta packages can simply be uploaded to Debian (after some
> close introspection and review).

To my understanding it's all about:
(1) the meta-package namespace
(2) the approach how to organize the educational packages into meta-packages
(3) the list of packages such a meta-package recommends.

ad 1) I propose to use the Debian Edu Blends approach; this makes detailed 
      information about packages available for interested people, see:
      That said, meta-packages should be maintained as Debian Edu tasks,  
      see: https://salsa.debian.org/debian-edu/debian-edu

ad 2) Debian Edu is organizing educational packages by topic, Edubuntu
      by education level. IMO there's no reason against level related 
      Debian Edu meta-packages in addition; actually, the meta-package
      education-primaryschool is already one.

ad 3) Edubuntu seems to recommend by far less packages compared to 
      Debian Edu (with some newer ones like gcompris-qt, scratch,
      thonny definitely missing). So maybe there could be level related
      Debian Edu meta-packages with a base set of recommended packages 
      (revised Edubuntu list), and additional suggested packages.
      These meta-packages come to my mind:
      - education-preschool
      - education-primaryschool (already existing, to be modified)
      - education-secondaryschool
      - education-highschool (like ubuntu-edu-tertiary)
      - education-university

Education level related meta-packages might also come in handy as far as 
the Debian Edu modular installation approach (still work in progress) is 
concerned, see: 

As far as I know, due to missing contributors Edubuntu is LTS since 2014 
with supposed EOL in 2019, see:

Also, to my understanding, the Virtual LTSP Server project intends to be 
sort of an replacement for it (as a classroom installation), obviously
involving people with teaching experience.

Joining forces to identify, evaluate and package educational applications
seems to be useful. 


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