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Re: AutoFS isues on tjener after stretch update

On Tue, Sep 26, 2017 at 03:37:23PM +0200, Dominik George wrote:
> >Do you have local cfengine modifications?
> No.

Strange; there must be a reason for the different outcome during the 
upgrade. And I want to understand what's going on.
> I do think tjener should be excluded in a clear way, like I showed, 
> and that it should be done in the package responsible for autofs being 
> installed in the first place.

In both cases, Jessie and Stretch, autofs is disabled for the profile 
'Main-Server' (not for a special hostname) in a reliable way.
This is an upgrade only issue, prevented by running 'service autofs 
stop' like added to the upgrade instructions.

> I cannot do anything but report what happened and what I believe to be 
> the correct way to prevent it.

Sure. It's very good you jumped in. 


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