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Re: AutoFS isues on tjener after stretch update

Hi Dominik,

On Thu, Sep 21, 2017 at 11:09:28AM +0200, Dominik George wrote:
> yesterday, I updated a Skolelinux combined server from jessie to
> stretch, following the upgrade guide.

Thanks for your upgrade report.
> While everything else went exactly according to the plan, I had one
> issue after the update: The autofs daemon was running on tjener,
> mounting an empty directory over /skole/tjener (probably just the normal
> NFS share that clients should mount, but thus hiding the real directory
> under it, breaking the export…)

Reproduced. But this is an only temporary issue caused by a changed 
behaviour of autofs (Jessie: autofs is disabled adding 'exit 0' as last 
line to /etc/default/autofs; Stretch: autofs is disabled using 
systemctl). In both cases cfengine (cf.homes) is used to configure it. 
Everything will be ok after rebooting the system.

> autofs kicked in right after upgrading packages, breaking the cfengine
> run afterwards (which is where I noticed it).

Unreproducible for me.
What do you exactly mean with 'breaking the cfengine run'?  

> Has anyone else seen this happen?

We had an upgrade report earlier; see the first thread message: 

The issue reported by you didn't show up. So I suspect it to be 
site specific in your case.

> What is the correct solution?

IMO everything is ok. Just to be safe, 'service autofs stop' has been 
added to the upgrade instructions some days ago; see

After testing the Jessie -> Stretch upgrade now once again, this 
additional instruction appears to be superflous… 


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