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Re: using divided source to find from where a string came

On Thu, 25 Aug 2016 07:37:19 +0000
Holger Levsen wrote:

> I have a hard time understanding why you are doing this. Could you maybe
> try to explain again?

the subject already explain
currently it is very hard/waste of time to find from where a string came

10:28 victory > This is being tracked as <ulink url=\"http://bugs.skolelinux.org/1376\";>Debian Edu bug #1376</ulink>
10:29 victory > really?
19:07 h01ger > victory: where did you find that?
19:18 h01ger > url, i mean
19:18 victory > that's in the stretch manual
19:20 victory > of course also in jessie/...'s
19:36 h01ger > was hoping for a page url, so i dont have to search in the allinone page, then go to the real page…
20:37 victory > translator works with a po, which means it requires completely extra work to open/search/click on the browser

> And, finally, this or these issues should be filed as bugs in the bug
> tracker, so we can refer them more easily. I'd file them as bug(s) but
> for that I would need to understand what this is about, why these
> changes…

hates not-to-be fixed bugs

no need to CC me :-)

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