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Re: using divided source to find from where a string came

Hi victory,

On Thu, Aug 25, 2016 at 02:52:57AM +0900, victory wrote:
> * keep each of pages in separate files from wiki
> * translated files and all-in-one files are created on the fly
> * keep id file which stores page name in the order to be included;
>   this is needed to build actual docs and translated material
> * english xml is $(name).en.xml instead of $(name).xml;
>   this way lots of "ifndef LINGUA" will not be needed in Makefile.common
> * LINGUA is used indirectly 
> * resurrects reference lines (this is what I want);
>   to prevent Mega-Bytes of diff, line # is fixed to 1 (po4a's behavior)

I have a hard time understanding why you are doing this. Could you maybe
try to explain again?

Also, is this one change or should this maybe be split in several

And, finally, this or these issues should be filed as bugs in the bug
tracker, so we can refer them more easily. I'd file them as bug(s) but
for that I would need to understand what this is about, why these

Please explain.


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