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Re: using divided source to find from where a string came

On Thu, 25 Aug 2016 21:42:37 +0900
victory wrote:

> the subject already explain
> currently it is very hard/waste of time to find from where a string came

more log:
date/time below are all JST(utc+9)

> 20160712
> 10:28 victory > This is being tracked as <ulink url=\"http://bugs.skolelinux.org/1376\";>Debian Edu bug #1376</ulink>
> 10:29 victory > really?
> 19:07 h01ger > victory: where did you find that?
> 19:18 h01ger > url, i mean
> 19:18 victory > that's in the stretch manual
> 19:20 victory > of course also in jessie/...'s
> 19:36 h01ger > was hoping for a page url, so i dont have to search in the allinone page, then go to the real page…
> 20:37 victory > translator works with a po, which means it requires completely extra work to open/search/click on the browser

19:19: victory: 29.1. New features for Debian Edu 8+edu0 Codename Jessie _unreleased
19:31: h01ger: [12:19] < victory> 29.1. New features for Debian Edu 8+edu0 Codename Jessie _unreleased
19:31: h01ger: is not helpful
19:32: h01ger: this would be helpful: https://wiki.debian.org/DebianEdu/Documentation/Jessie/Features has the problem "Jessie _unreleased" 
19:34: h01ger: found it
19:34: h01ger: only cost me 5min. often i dont have that time…
19:57: victory: understands he's saying comsuming translator's time for stupid thing (tracking down where that is in the wiki) is acceptable
20:02: victory: if it's difficult for experts in the project to find, it will be more difficult for a translator
20:03: victory: then it means the workflow is very very wrong
20:06: victory: probably you should make xml or something for the first source instead of wiki in case you cannot add, from where the string comes, for each string
20:06: h01ger: the source of the manual is the wiki
20:06: h01ger: so if you point out mistakes
20:06: h01ger: i would very much prefer you point me to the source
20:07: h01ger: which is the wiki
20:07: h01ger: if you continue to keep pointing out mistakes in just text strings
20:07: victory: will never update wiki for what I will tell you and -english later
20:07: h01ger: thats fine too, but very likely to be ignored
20:07: h01ger: i'm not asking you to update the wiki
20:07: h01ger: but to tell me where in the wiki the problem is
20:15: victory: no plan to fix english as i said 
20:16: victory: that's really waste of time
20:18: h01ger: if you would point me to the wiki pages with problematic english, i'd be happy to fix things
20:19: h01ger: if i have to search for those things… i usually give up
20:20: victory: that's completely bad workflow
20:21: h01ger: having the source in the wiki?
20:21: h01ger: thats been working very well for years
20:21: victory: not true
20:22: victory: it have been it as is, as no one can review
20:23: victory: not "working very well for years"
20:23: victory: just no one could find issues for years
20:26: victory: there are many many other typos in it
20:26: victory: and fixing them is really waste of time
20:26: h01ger: why do you think fixing errors is a waste of time? especially if you complain about those errors?
20:26: victory: then it must be bad workflow
20:27: victory: you cannot find where it is for some seconds
20:27: victory: it applys for a translator
20:28: h01ger: other translators managed to find the source of typos and fixed them
20:29: victory: you can improve that by eg. fetch pages in temporary files for each and then let po4a read
20:30: h01ger: send patches please
20:30: victory: patch does not work as it is wiki
20:30: h01ger: [13:29] < victory> you can improve that by eg. fetch pages in temporary files for each and then let po4a read
20:30: h01ger: patches for that

no need to CC me :-)

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