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Re: skolelinux.org

[Alexander Alemayhu]
> Hei everybody,

Hi, and thank you for bringing this up on the list and trying to move
this issue forward!

> skolelinux.org has been unavailable for awhile now. Not sure how long.
> According to Petter the site has been taken over. One of the reasons
> this might have happened is because of lack of maintenance. I propose
> we do the following: Get the site up from one of the previous backups,
> on a new machine and do damage control and update DNS when the new
> site is ready. Why get the site up? It think it would be nice to not
> to break the links that other people around the web use directing to
> skolelinux.org. There has been some communication on IRC where C14r
> and pabs have also shown interest. What do you think we should?

The problem with missing maintenance of www.skolelinux.org is not new.
It has popped up every few years in the project since the start.  I
suspect it is mostly because those setting up a new www.skolelinux.org
site do it to test out some new and cool technology, and fail to focus
on low maintenance load and lowering the of bar for contributors.  Also,
fine grained access control features have proved to create hurdles
keeping potential contributors away.

That is the background for my view on this, as we have had site after
site with very few people updating and slowly decaying until someone
else took over and tried again.

I guess we have these options.

 (1) Set up a version of the current www.skolelinux.org (ie Joomla!) and
     copy the content from backup and try to do a better job maintaining
     it in the future than the last years.  This make it fairly easy to
     get a multi-lingual site up and running.

 (2) Set up a new version of www.skolelinux.org using some one and
     exciting technology, and see if things go better this time.
     Assuming a good choice of CMS, this should make it fairly easy to
     get a multi-lingual site up and running.

 (3) Stop maintaining our own web site and point www.skolelinux.org to
     the Debian Edu wiki, where we are almost able to keep updating the
     content.  <URL: https://wiki.debian.org/DebianEdu/ > do not handle
     several languages very well.

 (4) Stop maintaining our own web server, but set up a new site on 
     <URL: http://debian-edu.alioth.debian.org/ > and fill it with nice
     pages populated from git or subversion.

I really believe we should leave web server maintenance to someone with
time to do so on a regular and continous basis, and avoid maintaining
more than the minimum kind of web site unless someone is willing to
commit to running such site for many years.  But we also should have a
www.skolelinux.org that present information to non-english people in
their native language, and none of the "easy" options provide this as
far as I know.  Would be best if we could handle translations using PO
files like we do with programs and documentation.

Happy hacking
Petter Reinholdtsen

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