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Re: error on usb install

[Nigel Barker 2014-03-12]
> I tried again just now. After a usb install (I mean the 5G download.
> Is that what you call DVD?) of lxde i386

Sad to hear that. :(

I did a test myself of the daily built wheezy-test and wheezy netinst
images, and the last release netinst ISO.  The first two worked, while
the latter did not.  The cause seem to be that the daily build fetch
udebs from wheezy-test or unstable, not form our wheezy repository.

So our Debian Edu Wheezy distribution is still broken, and I suspect
we need a new ISO release to fix it.  I guess that would be good
anyway, to make all the fixes from Debian and ourself directly
available for those using the USB stick install. :)

Is PXE installation also still broken?  I did not have the test rack
ready to check this.

If it is, I suspect updating debian-edu-install in wheezy-test to
wheezy as I requested in
<URL: https://lists.debian.org/debian-edu/2014/03/msg00028.html > 11
days ago.

>> At the moment it is impossible to install the Wheezy version of Debian
>> Edu using both PXE and netinst ISOs (I assume the DVD is OK).  The fix
> DVD is not ok if you mean the 5G USB.

I did mean the 5 GiB USB ISO, yes.  I hoped it would work as it would
have all the debs and udebs it needed and they should be consistent.
Perhaps it only work if the installation is done without Internet

Happy hacking
Petter Reinholdtsen

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