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Re: error on usb install

[Nigel Barker]
> ftp.skolelinux.org comes up as 502 bad gateway and package list
> fails to download; apt fails to rebuild the package cache

<URL: http://ftp.skolelinux.org > work for me.  Where do you get the
bad gateway message?

> Is there another way to install? Presumably the netinst will run
> into the same problem as the pxe.

At the moment it is impossible to install the Wheezy version of Debian
Edu using both PXE and netinst ISOs (I assume the DVD is OK).  The fix
is in our wheezy-test APT repository, and I have asked the ftpmasters
to migrate the fixed package to the wheezy repository to fix it in
<URL: https://lists.debian.org/debian-edu/2014/03/msg00028.html >.  I
can't do much more.  Now we wait for them to have some spare time to
look at the issue.  Both are very busy (well, every skilled person I
know is very busy), but hopefully soon a fix will make it to our
wheezy APT source. :)

Hm, perhaps the freshly built ISOs work?  They fetch the udebs from
unstable, and seem to have newer versions of debian-edu-install udebs.
Fetch <URL: http://ftp.skolelinux.org/cd-wheezy-amd64-i386-netinst/ >
and see if it help. :)

Happy hacking
Petter Reinholdtsen

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