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Re: Disk out of space in /var while installing Terminal Server profile

On Thu, Sep 19, 2013 at 11:31:51PM +0200, Mike Gabriel wrote:
> On Do 19 Sep 2013 23:24:51 CEST Mike Gabriel wrote:
> >I just tried to install a terminal server + workstation profile
> >(beta2  wheezy, of course, desktop=xfce) and the LTSP builder
> >failed with APT  panicing of running out of space on
> >/var/cache/apt/archive.
> The occurred issue may relate to the hard drive (virtual drive in
> Virtual Box with 32gb) being too small for terminal server +
> workstation.
> I will retest with 48gb. Do we have written something about minimal
> requirements of Debian Edu systems?

Yes: manual/requirements/hardware requirements (main server 40 GiB).

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