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Re: update/status of timeline for releasing Debian Edu Wheezy

Hi Nigel,

On Donnerstag, 19. September 2013, Nigel Barker wrote:
> I don't know if this is good publicity or just highlights my
> foolishness, but beta 1 was released 4 days before school started, and
> during those days I installed a new tjener and 22-workstation lab,
> created all the accounts, migrated data, set up the samba shares,
> installed the nw printers. Its all been running smoothly for 4 weeks
> now (had to restart cups one day, no time to investigate why), and I'm
> so much happier to start cleanly than trying to upgrade during the
> school year. I still haven't got round to the backup server, however,
> so it probably is foolishness after all.

while I do think this is a nice success story, it's a bit hard to turn this 
into a proper quote. Maybe you could do that? (Dont worry if not...)


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