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Bug#715403: Unreliable wget test

Control: tag -1 + pending

Today I tested netinst installation on a network where IP connection
out on the Internet was blocked, and all HTTP access had to go through
a proxy.  And just as you reported, it did not work.  There was broken
logic in debian-edu-profile, only setting http_proxy when no CD was
available (ie PXE installation), but not for netinst installation.

I've fixed it in debian-edu-install version 1.716~svn81542, tested it,
and can confirm that it work.

In the process we also tested to enable choose-mirror when installing
from CD, but decided against this as it increased the number of
questions asked during installation and the documented method of
specifying web proxy is to add it to the boot prompt.

Thanks for discovering the problem.  It will be fixed in the Wheezy
release of Debian Edu. :)

Happy hacking
Petter Reinholdtsen

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