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Bug#715403: Unreliable wget test

[David Prévot]
> Hi,
> In order to add the debian-edu repositories to the APT sources,
> there is a useless and painful wget test during the
> debian-edu-profile step.

I'm not aware of any useless wget test in debian-edu-profile.  Can you
pinpoint the one you had hin mind?

> Since there is no way to declare an HTTP proxy setup, this test is
> doom to fail in hostile environment (e.g. most of French high
> schools), and there is no way to declare “yes, I really know what
> I’m doing, stop bugging me, just add the repositories right
> now”. Then, since the debian-edu repositories are not added, the
> installation will fail a lot later due to missing packages.

When booting from CD (or USB stick, for that matter), I believe you
can specify the proxy to use by adding
mirror/http/proxy=http://my.proxy.edu:3128 as a boot parameter to the

> Furthermore, since the repositories will be tested anyway a little
> later (during the package manager setup step), this early test is
> not really useful. Please note that the mirror/http_proxy will be
> honored at this further step, allowing anyone behind a proxy to
> actually install tjener (and even use an apt-cacher-ng like setup if
> needed…).

There are three wget calls in debian-edu-profile.

 1) Checking if a Debian Edu tjener is present, used to decide which
    profiles to select by default.

 2) Extract the distribution code name to select the correct version
    of Debian to install.

 3) Ensure that the netinst CD is installed on a network with working
    Internet connection, to avoid wiping the hard drive before
    discovering that it is impossible to install Debian Edu.  This
    also allow us to count the number of netinst installations and
    provide the graph available as
    <URL: http://maintainer.skolelinux.org/munin/skolelinux.no/administrator.skolelinux.no/edu_installs.html >.

I believe all of them are important to ensure a robust and well
working installation experience.

> Thanks in advance for dropping this test (or providing a way to
> bypass it).

Perhaps your problem is solved by specifying the proxy on the kernel
boot prompt?  If so, I guess we should add the recipe to the manual.

Happy hacking
Petter Reinholdtsen

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