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Re: tzdata problems etc

[Giorgio Pioda]
> I was reading the thread that taffit has started tonight... Maybe related?

Could be, but doubt it.

> Anyway, I have a segment given by the Telephon
> provider. All the schools are inside this single large
> network. I have a dchp/dns running at, gateway
> DHCP passes also a secundary dns outside the /23 net
> ( For the NETINSTALL I leave the automatic preseed work
> (thus dchp).  Then after reboot I change the subnet with the
> provided script.
> I also have a apt-cacher-ng which is served by a public IP, not in the
> 10.* lan but I didn't use it and I cannot figure out how it could be
> disturbing.
> I don't see any relevant point here.

Me neither, but we are working in the dark here.

I've been able to reproduce this on a test laptop installing norwegian
main+ltsp, and am trying to understand how this happen.

When trying to rerun the webcache test, the error is reported again,
so I can reproduce it even though I do not understand what trigger it
so far.  I'm afraid to change anything on the laptop at the moment,
trying to figure out what is going wrong.  It seem to be the proxy
binary segfaulting.  Perhaps you can confirm this by looking in your
/var/log/syslog?  I lacked valgrind to debug the crash, but hope to
figure out why it crash.

Still no idea, and <URL: http://bugs.debian.org/libproxy > did not
really seem to show any related bugs.

Happy hacking
Petter Reinholdtsen

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