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Re: tzdata problems etc

[Giorgio Pioda]
> Hi Petter,

Hi. :)

>> Which installation choices did you select?
> I used the NETINST iso image burned on a CD.

I mean which language and profile choices did you select during
installation?  Did you change the desktop selection on the boot

> Long output in kdm.log mainly a:
> kdmgreet (4141)/kdecore (K*TimeZone*) complaining that ktimezoned
> D-Buss call failed

Hm, never seen that one myself.  Are you sure it is relevant and not
happening also with successful installs?  Anything interesting in
/var/log/auth.log from the failing login attempt?

>> It should list http://webcache:3128 as the proxy, and the setting is
>> done by debian-edu-pxeinstall.  This do not happen when I test it, but
>> I have seen it some times.  Can you tell us more about how you
>> installed the main-server in question?  What was the network
>> environment during installation and first boot?
> I fixed it manually putting the correct IP, now squid gets populated

That is a workaround, but I would love to figure out the root cause.
The PXE setup inherit the proxy setting from the host, and if for some
reason this is wrong, the PXE setup will be wrong too.

> Not that bad:
> -error: ./doc: RElease manual have 9 FIXME....


> -error: ./nagios: Nagios count NUMSVCCRIT is not zero but 1 (two lines)

Probably the DNS test reporting that it can't look up
www.skolelinux.org.  Did the machine have Internet connectivity and
access to do DNS lookups externally during boot?

> -error: ./webcache: WPAD file 'http://wpad/wpad.dat' is missing HTTP
> proxy info.

This is the indicator of the proxy problem.  I am not sure how to
trigger it.  Perhaps you can help by telling more about the network
environment where you installed the main server?  I suspect it is
relevant, as I do not get this bug myself when I test.

Happy hacking
Petter Reinholdtsen

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