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Re: Installing new workstation

Andreas Weller and me are working on the same issue here at school. Sadly this is exactly what we did. We thought we may have overlooked s.th.. The workstations seems to need very long time until the IP-Adress is assigned. After our reeinstallation we are no more able to login at all. Before this we could login via terminal. We did no changes to the basic system, so we have no idea what went wrong. Our other system (not in the same building) uses LTSPs and everything works fine, only a little slow due to networkspeed.

after booting the workstation we found in syslog the following error-messages:

nslcd: ldap_start_tls_s() failed: Connect error (uri="ldap://ldap";)
failed to bind to LDAP server ldap://ldap: Connect error
No available LDAP server found

kdm: getpwnam(username) failed

Sebastian Holl

Am 26.06.2013 23:04, schrieb Petter Reinholdtsen:

[Andreas Weller]
You need to enable DHCP, DNS and add the machine to the
workstation-hosts NIS netgroup.  And perhaps wait a minute or so for the
setup to propagate.

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