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Re: hardware advice

Hi Nigel, nice to read you ;)

Am Donnerstag, 27. Juni 2013 schrieb Nigel Barker:
> 1. switches are currently 100Mbps. Should I upgrade them?

It is always reccommendable to give your server 1-2 Gigabit
uplink to your switch (if your harware allows this, but even
used switches would include at least one GB uplink port).

Then, you might watch htop on your current server. Our
machine happens to be loaded up to 30 p.c. on all CPUs
by squid+dansguardian if many people are surfing IIRC.

In such situations, at least 2 (better 4-6) cores would
guarantee response even if many people are browsing.
Or just outsource proxy funcitonality if you have an 
additional machine. 

Just my (rather non-professional) two cents on this.

Kind regards

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