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Re: NMU of gosa with ldap-manager support re-included

[Mike Gabriel]
> Thanks for filing this p-u request. I had that on my list for
> yesterday, but the day was too short. Sorry.

No problem.

I asked on #debian-release for info on the version number a stable
update would get:

  <pere> Hi.  Regarding stable update of gosa (Bug#713049), is it safe
         to assume the version number would end up being
         2.7.4-4.2+deb7u1 ?  We would like to know before we upload a
         fix to the Debian Edu repo, to make sure our version number is
         smaller than the stable update.

  <adsb> that looks right, yes (${stable_version}+debXuY)

Based on that knowledge, I took the package in unstable and uploaded to
our skolelinux repository using version 2.7.4-4.2+deb7u1~edu0.  It
should be smaller than the version that show up in Debian, if a stable
update is accepted.  It is now in NEW.

As we did not get approval from the stable release managers yet, I did
not upload a package to stable-proposed-updates.

Getting everything in Debian Edu ready for beta1 has taken so long, I
believe we should wrap up what we got a the moment and call it alpha3.

Happy hacking
Petter Reinholdtsen

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