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Re: NMU of gosa with ldap-manager support re-included

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Am 13.06.2013 12:51, schrieb Mike Gabriel:
> Hi Michael, hi Fabian,
> @Fabian: I am not sure if you are aware about Cajus having resigned
> from Debian. Is he the package maintainer you are referring to? If
> so, then he won't be able to upload packages to Debian anymore.
ah yes, now I remeber Cajus said that some time ago.
Ok, then forget what I said.

> The current agreement is that I (in some team context, like 
> debian-edu-pkg-team, or even leaving it in the hands of the
> gosa-pkg team) will take over the packaging. However, I would love
> to have an official hand-over of the packaging workflow from Cajus
> to me.
I guess the best would be, to contact Cajus directly about that.

> @Michael: that's where you come into play. Please be so kind and
> upload your NMU of gosa (fixing #698840) to unstable. Please let me
> know if you can contact the release managers about inclusion of the
> fix into Debian wheezy-updates and also do the upload to
> proposed-updates.
> Thanks+Greets, Mike

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