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Re: Release time, now ?


On Freitag, 7. Juni 2013, Petter Reinholdtsen wrote:
> I sure hope so, with the two blockers fixed.  But I believe we should
> do another alpha when the fixes are in place, and if this hold up for
> a week or so, we should move on to betas.

sounds good to me.
> I did a main-server+workstation installation today which failed to set
> up a working first user.  I entered username guest and password guest,
> and the LDAP object showed up but no kerberos principal was created.

file a bug?

> So I suggest alpha2 released as soon as fixed slbackup-php and gosa
> packages are installed by default in our test setup, and then work on
> the ISO stuff (DVD, source DVD) and the wheezy repo (as opposed to the
> current wheezy-test repoy) and release beta0 when this is done.

the wheezy repo is there as can be seen on 

Currently it is in sync with wheezy-test.
> Would be nice to get the artwork fixes included for alpha2 or beta0,
> but I do not believe we need to wait for it.  It would have to be in
> place before we release, but that can happen after a few betas. :)

right. (but the missing artwork blocks finishing (some of) the screenshots for 
the manual.)

> Any objections?

Nope. :)


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