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More new packages for Debian Edu (Was: Install scratch by default on Debian Edu Desktops in Wheezy?)

[Nigel Barker]
>>   bluefish
> teaching html and css in middle and high school

Right.  We should at least put it on our watch list (aka Ignore or
Suggests in our tasks).  Added as recommends to the development task.
The development task is not currently installed by default.

> >   chromium
> a)sometimes iceweasel doesn't work, esp on interactive sites like codecademy
> b) little kids don't know how to fix "iceweasel already running"

I see the advantages, but worry that Konqueror, Iceweasel and Chromium
are too many browsers to include.

> >   drpython
> teaching python in middle and high school. Its simple, checks syntax
> and has a run button! (I'm currently evaluating geany as a
> replacement, because kids struggle to get dr python working at home)
> >   gvrng
> for its ready-made set of lessons for beginning programmers
> >   python-easygui
> beginning python is more fun that way

These should probably go into the development task?  Added as

> >   escputil
> many teachers have an epson printer covered by this util

Not sure how useful this is to add to the default installation.  Added
as a ignore in the printer driver section of the common task to put it
on our radar.

> >   flashplugin-nonfree
> teachers get angry when gnash doesn't work

If only there was a good free software alternative. :)

> >   freemind
> mind maps for older kids. vym has issues if you try to use maps on
> different versions, and doesn't work at home.

Added to the misc task.

> >   ibus-anthy
> type Japanese

Will this replace or complement the scim-anthy package already in the
lang-ja-desktop task?

> >   icedtea-plugin
> java applets

Already included by default.

> >   kdegraphics
> For kolourpaint, which I failed to be able to install by itself

Already installed by default, I believe.

> >   scratch
> already mentioned enough on this thread!

Already added based on this thread.

> >   ttf-larabie-deco
> for fun

Well, why not.  Added to desktop-other as a recommends.

> >   ttf-mscorefonts-installer
> for compatibility

Also non-free.  :( We include the free font ttf-liberation instead.
Why isn't this an option for you?  See
<URL: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Liberation_fonts > for details.

> >   vlc
> plays many media types and converts between them

Already installed by default.

> I don't want to contribute to bloat, but you can see above why I use
> them and consider if others would also, perhaps?

Thank you very much.

> I am also interested in hearing what others say. Such as, "we use X
> for that purpose, because it does Y"

Yes, I would love to hear from others too. :)

Happy hacking
Petter Reinholdtsen

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