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Re: Install scratch by default on Debian Edu Desktops in Wheezy?

On 23 April 2013 01:23, Petter Reinholdtsen <pere@hungry.com> wrote:
>   bluefish
teaching html and css in middle and high school
>   chromium
a)sometimes iceweasel doesn't work, esp on interactive sites like codecademy
b) little kids don't know how to fix "iceweasel already running"
>   drpython
teaching python in middle and high school. Its simple, checks syntax
and has a run button! (I'm currently evaluating geany as a
replacement, because kids struggle to get dr python working at home)
>   escputil
many teachers have an epson printer covered by this util
>   flashplugin-nonfree
teachers get angry when gnash doesn't work
>   freemind
mind maps for older kids. vym has issues if you try to use maps on
different versions, and doesn't work at home.
>   gvrng
for its ready-made set of lessons for beginning programmers
>   ibus-anthy
type Japanese
>   icedtea-plugin
java applets
>   kdegraphics
For kolourpaint, which I failed to be able to install by itself
>   python-easygui
beginning python is more fun that way
>   scratch
already mentioned enough on this thread!
>   ttf-larabie-deco
for fun
>   ttf-mscorefonts-installer
for compatibility
>   vlc
plays many media types and converts between them

> Can you explain why you install these packages?  Which one do you
> recommend to install as part of the Debian Edu standard install?

I don't want to contribute to bloat, but you can see above why I use
them and consider if others would also, perhaps?

I am also interested in hearing what others say. Such as, "we use X
for that purpose, because it does Y"

I would recommend  a newer iceweasel, if possible.


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