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ISO size of Debian Edu installer medium (was: Re: [debian-edu-commits] r79504 - in branches/wheezy/debian-edu: debian tasks)

Hi Petter & Wolfgang, hi all,

On Do 28 Mär 2013 13:43:15 CET Petter Reinholdtsen wrote:

[Wolfgang Schweer]
Author: schweer-guest
Date: 2013-03-28 11:17:27 +0000 (Thu, 28 Mar 2013)
New Revision: 79504

Add etckeeper to common depends. (Package doesn't seem to be installed
by default any more.)

This is not going to work.  etckeeper is not installed because it is
missing on the CD, and it is missing because there is not enough room
for it.  Adding it as a common package is not going to make any
difference, and is probably also not a good idea for other reasons.

To fix the testsuite warning, you need to figure out if the CD image
should be made larger or if some other package can be taken out of the

We have had this problem earlier already, haven't we. May I ask how many of us actually do burn a DVD for installing Debian Edu? At least, I have never burnt a Debian Edu DVD...

What I normally do is get an 8GB USB Stick, dd the image onto that stick and then install from USB.

I understand the requirement that we--in rare cases--need an installation CD/DVD for older systems (how old do they actually have to be? >5 years? >10 years? All BIOSses and UEFIs I know support booting from USB). But on the other hand, I'd love to have a Debian Edu ISO image in hand that contains all the software I want to install. This also includes the different desktop variants (GNOME, KDE, XFCE in the future, etc.).

How would it be to limit the ISO size to the size of 8GB (or a bit below that, actually). This would make it fit on 8GB USB sticks and also on dual layer DVDs (which are support by many DVD burners, as well).

So the proposal is:

  o CD-netinst
  o DVD (limited to 4GB size) -> Debian Edu main server only, offline
    installation possible
  o DVD (limited to 8GB size) -> Full offline installation possible

I have not checked if everything would fit into 8GB, but will do that, if others thing that such a ISO image size change (for wheezy) may be sensible.



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