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Re: ISO size of Debian Edu installer mediu

[Mike Gabriel]
> We have had this problem earlier already, haven't we. May I ask how
> many of us actually do burn a DVD for installing Debian Edu? At
> least, I have never burnt a Debian Edu DVD...

It is as far as I know impossible to figure out how many they are, but
the last person I heard from that tried to use the DVD was Bjarne
Nielsen.  He wanted to burn one and bring along to Madagascar, but
failed to burn it as the ISO was too large to fit on a DVD.  I've
since reduced the ISO size because of his feedback.

> What I normally do is get an 8GB USB Stick, dd the image onto that
> stick and then install from USB.

I normally install using PXE, but when I need to boot from external
media, I too use USB sticks.  :)

> So the proposal is:
>   o CD-netinst
>   o DVD (limited to 4GB size) -> Debian Edu main server only, offline
>     installation possible
>   o DVD (limited to 8GB size) -> Full offline installation possible

Perhaps call the latter "USB stick and Blueray" release?

Happy hacking
Petter Reinholdtsen

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