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Re: Cannot print from diskless-workstations

[Marius Kotsbak]
> Do you know if the printers are also missing from standalone workstations?

This would be useful to know, to figure out if the problem is with a
read-only directory on the diskless workstation, or with the
communication between tjener and the clients.

> I guess the diskless workstations needs a config that says it can
> use the server as printer server, and it works with the thin clients
> since the print server is local.

I doubt this, as the default for a CUPS client is to see all announced

The way CUPS work, one set up a printer on one machine, and the
existence of this printer is broadcasted on the local network.
Clients pick up these printeres automatically and show them to the
user.  So no special setup should be needed on the clients.

Could it be that the network equipment is blocking the broadcast
traffic?  Or could it be that CUPS on the client now need a new and
unknown directory to be writable during operation?
Happy hacking
Petter Reinholdtsen

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