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Re: why does iceweasel run on login?

On 25 February 2012 17:18, Petter Reinholdtsen <pere@hungry.com> wrote:

> So a standalone need the size of 98edustandalone, which is around 13
> GiB.

thanks for this - now I don't have to guess which ones will fail after  20mins.

>> I notice that the local user created during install disappears by the
>> end of it, even on standalone. You have to go to a tty and recreate
>> the local user to be able to log in. Obviously this is a bit much for
>> kids taking an install CD home.
> This is very strange.  Can you publish the installation logs
> ( /var/log/installer/ ) for us to have a look what happened?


> Btw, do you know anyone capable of translating the web page and debconf
> questions to Japanese?  Would be nice to have Japanese as an option. :)

web page means what?

debconf questions means only the skolelinux questions, right? I'm sure
I can get that done.


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