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Re: why does iceweasel run on login?

[Nigel Barker]
> Hi Petter


> I brought a couple of dell minis home, but they are too small (8G ssd)
> for a normal install of either standalone or roaming.  Then in expert
> install there are so many permutations in tasksel.  (Like both laptop
> and debian-edu laptop, or only one or the other?  etc. ) that so far I
> haven't hit on a good combination. I tried only laptop and graphical
> DE, which came in under 2G (lxde). So I ran tasksel again (can't
> remember which, but probably standalone or roaming) but it filled the
> drive before completion and then aptitude and dpkg wouldn't work
> anymore without any free space.  So overall this is pretty useless
> testing.

Right.  I had a look at the minimum (ignoring swap which depend on
memory size), and this is the list.  The sizes are in megabyte:

debianedusvn/src/debian-edu-install$ make minimum-diskreq
Minimum disk requirements, in MiB:
lib/partman/recipes-powerpc-powermac_newworld/90edumain 2209
lib/partman/recipes-powerpc-powermac_newworld/91edumain+ltsp    24737
lib/partman/recipes-powerpc-powermac_newworld/92edumain+ws      13921
lib/partman/recipes-powerpc-powermac_newworld/94edultsp 21473
lib/partman/recipes-powerpc-powermac_newworld/96eduwork 14185
lib/partman/recipes-powerpc-powermac_newworld/97minimal 1313
lib/partman/recipes-powerpc-powermac_newworld/98edustandalone   13161
lib/partman/recipes-powerpc-prep/90edumain      2216
lib/partman/recipes-powerpc-prep/91edumain+ltsp 24744
lib/partman/recipes-powerpc-prep/92edumain+ws   13928
lib/partman/recipes-powerpc-prep/94edultsp      21480
lib/partman/recipes-powerpc-prep/96eduwork      14192
lib/partman/recipes-powerpc-prep/97minimal      1320
lib/partman/recipes-powerpc-prep/98edustandalone        13168
lib/partman/recipes/90edumain   2208
lib/partman/recipes/91edumain+ltsp      24736
lib/partman/recipes/92edumain+ws        13920
lib/partman/recipes/94edultsp   21472
lib/partman/recipes/96eduwork   14184
lib/partman/recipes/97minimal   1312
lib/partman/recipes/98edustandalone     13160

So a standalone need the size of 98edustandalone, which is around 13

> However, I can say for sure that two problems from yesterday do not
> exist. No to auto partitioning is respected, and iceweasel runs only
> once. I think yesterday I was testing in an alternate reality. I would
> swear in court that I logged out and in and iceweasel launched again.
> Sorry to give false reports.

Good to hear.

> I notice that the local user created during install disappears by the
> end of it, even on standalone. You have to go to a tty and recreate
> the local user to be able to log in. Obviously this is a bit much for
> kids taking an install CD home.

This is very strange.  Can you publish the installation logs
( /var/log/installer/ ) for us to have a look what happened?

Btw, do you know anyone capable of translating the web page and debconf
questions to Japanese?  Would be nice to have Japanese as an option. :)
Happy hacking
Petter Reinholdtsen

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