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Re: Educlient (still very raw)


On Sat, Feb 11, 2012 at 09:17:13AM +0100, Giorgio Pioda wrote:

> Now I'm hanging with the autofs question. I have to test again but
> it seems that only Ubuntu 1004 have a good implementation; all other
> suffers, like debian wheezy, the fact that autofs starts to early
> in boot phase and, after not finding LDAP server, hangs and only
> a manual restart fix the problem.
> But I have also a terrible dought. I don't know if this behaviour is
> qemu related, or if it reproducible on real devices (suche that
> for exemple qemu freezes from time to time the virtual network...).
> In fact also PXE installation hangs, and I have to type a couple of
> times "autoboot" before network boot occours.
> >From time to time, I also observed hanging of autofs also on
> plain Edu workstations...
> Would be nice if somebody who have a real testing server could test
> my package. Unfortunately I don't have enough hardware to do it.

I observe strange autofs behavior in virtual machines here too. (Guest
is squeeze, virt-manager/kvm).  On my desktop, anything is fine (host is
wheezy) on my laptop (also wheezy) it doesn't work.  
However, on real hardware I have no issues. The setup is not exactly
skolelinux but comparable. 

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