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Re: Educlient (still very raw)

[Giorgio Pioda]
> dpkg-deb --build

Right.  There are better ways. :)

> The files have been copied fron a running Edu Workstation. It is a
> really quick and dirty work.


> Would probably better to use the complete debathena method; but it
> takes way longer to write all the perl stuff (I never programme in
> perl) and I guess it could be even worse since, for Ubuntu, the
> source config files would be a missing dep (no such debian edu
> packages are available AFAIK)

Perhaps, but to create your current package that is probably overkill.

I took your binary package and converted it to a source package and
commited it to svn.

It is now available from
<URL: svn://svn.debian.org/debian-edu/trunk/src/educlient >.

I had to clean up the changelog.  I moved the files from
/usr/local/share/ to /usr/share/ and adjusted the rest to cope with

Cc back to debian-edu@.
Happy hacking
Petter Reinholdtsen

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