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Re: Some dummy questions

[Giorgio Pioda]
> Hi,


> I'm looking for a replacement of our running Kerberos/Nis/NFS4
> (configured by hand...) Debian PDC and Debian Edu would be a perfect
> candidate, since it has a nice Web managment GUI, but...

We welcome you onbord the project. :)

> 1) I really need Kerberized NFS4 since in our school we have many
> laptops and pupils too have laptops (and are young adults, not
> kids..), some of them have good computer skills and without protection
> they would mount NFS4 shares and copy teachers homedirs... What about
> this?

We use Kerberized NFS4 for home directory mounting, so that should be in
place already.  I believe we are using NFS3 for LTSP mounts of the root
file system, but those are not security sensitive and thus should be ok.

> 2)Is it possible to have a good description to hang other OS to the
> main server (mainly Ubuntu) since some thirdy part and non free
> software requires Ubuntu in place of Debian (mainly Digital
> Whiteboards)

I'm not aware of anyone trying this, but I suspect it would work by
installing libnss-sss and libpam-sss, perhaps in combination with
libpam-mklocaluser, to repliate our roaming workstation profile.

> 3)Is there a procedure to install Debian Edu in a Wheezy / Sid taste
> to see the undergoing development ? (reletate to point 1)

No one is working on Wheezy at the moment.  We all focus on getting the
Squeeze version released.  There is a FTBFS bug in libjavascript-perl
blocking our config packages from entering Wheezy.  This need to be
solved first before we can try with Wheezy.

> 4)Is there a good procedure to install in a different IP network. In
> our country all the schools are inside a big and we have
> access only to a small part of it (10.xxx.xxx.0/23 and we strictly
> have to avoid our DHCP answering outside it)

Not really.  I've started on a incomplete script to do this, see
/usr/share/debian-edu-config/tools/subnet-change.  I hope to get this
completed before we release Squeeze, but have not had time to look at it
so far.
Happy hacking
Petter Reinholdtsen

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