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Re: Admin Users - hash problems

[Giorgio Pioda]
> Hi,
> since yesterday I'm triing to setup a Mainserver/Workstation combination.
> (squeeze-testing-DVD, freshly synced and with correct MD5SUM) 

If you are testing, I recommend to test the
Main-Server/Thin-Client-Server combination.  It is the most powerfull

> Logging in into gosa with admin/rootpasswd I get a screen that asks
> for passwd change, but the change fails because "Cannot find a
> suitable password method for the current hash!"  Thus I cannot
> manage anything.

If I understand correctly, you are logging into gosa using the 'admin'
username?  I'm surprised this work, as the admin user have no GOsa
attributes at all.  Just tested, and I see the same you are seing.
Hm, perhaps we should add them, to make it possible to change its
password using GOsa?  Anyone know what is needed to make this

Try logging into Gosa with the user created during installation
instead.  It is granted full GOsa administrative access by its
membership in the gosa-admin group.

> P.S: Looking at the /etc/exports I've been pleased to see that all
> the exports are kerberized now!

I believe the LTSP mounts are not kerberized, but please let me know
if I am wrong.

> P.S 2: What about installing in Wheezy/Sid taste?

Our packages are missing in Wheezy because of #631045.  A fix would be
nice.  We use libjavascript-perl to parse the WPAD file to set the web
proxy dynamically.

I have no idea how to test with Sid, but it is probably possible.  We
have not yet had time to start focusing on Wheezy, as we are working
on getting the Squeeze version out.
Happy hacking
Petter Reinholdtsen

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