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Some dummy questions


I'm looking for a replacement of our running Kerberos/Nis/NFS4 (configured
by hand...) Debian PDC and Debian Edu would be a perfect candidate, since
it has a nice Web managment GUI, but...

1) I really need Kerberized NFS4 since in our school we have many laptops
and pupils too have laptops (and are young adults, not kids..), some of them
have good computer skills and without protection they would mount
NFS4 shares and copy teachers homedirs... What about this?

2)Is it possible to have a good description to hang other OS to the
main server (mainly Ubuntu) since some thirdy part and non free software
requires Ubuntu in place of Debian (mainly Digital Whiteboards)

3)Is there a procedure to install Debian Edu in a Wheezy / Sid taste
to see the undergoing development ? (reletate to point 1)

4)Is there a good procedure to install in a different IP network. In
our country all the schools are inside a big
and we have access only to a small part of it (10.xxx.xxx.0/23 and
we strictly have to avoid our DHCP answering outside it) 


Giorgio Pioda
SPSE - Scuola per Sportivi di elite
Tenero - Switzerland

Sysadmin SPSE-Tenero
Ufficio:   +41 91 735 62 48 
Cellulare: +41 79 629 20 63

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