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Re: Wrong gateway address in default squeeze setup ( should be

Hi Petter, hi Holger,

please let us keep that for wheezy if really necessary.

On Mi 04 Jan 2012 17:49:52 CET Holger Levsen wrote:

On Mittwoch, 4. Januar 2012, Petter Reinholdtsen wrote:
Hi.  I just discovered that the default setup in Squeeze do not use
the first IP address in its subnet as the gateway address.  This is a
mistake I believe we need to fix.

well, we did this is on purpose. IIRC to have to do changes in less places and
also to make upgrades easier.

The subnet change's reason was: GOsa² can only handle 8bit, 16bit and 24bit subnets. As was considered to small, we expanded the subnet mask to what is commonly used with a network -> that is

The new and extended backbone network went from to earlier this year, but the server and gateway adressess
where not moved from to  I believe the gateway
should change from to  It might be a good idea to
move tjener from to too, but that is not equally

Whereas the technical step is a tiny one (and probably unproblematic) I see quite an effort in documentation and infrastructure adaptions on upgrades. I work as sysadmin in loads of contexts and the first IP is mostly not the gateway here around... (sometimes it is x.y.z.254, x.y.z.253, x.y.z.z, ...).

Without this, a lot of third party packages will propose the wrong
gateway address when configured to connect to the skolelinux backbone

what packages do you have in mind? So far we didnt notice anything like

I have nothing here that fails on the current setup with Debian Edu squeeze. Not failures reported so far. Once DHCP, DNS, routing, etc. are configured correctly, applications work out of the box. What do you have in mind?

This change will require some testing,

and changes to the documentation and translations too :(


... (or I will introduce Samba4 from backports *g* )

As part of this fix, I
plan to move the network configuration function from
debian-edu-install to debian-edu-config, to get all the subnet related
code in one package.

...I'm rather a lot against this change too. It's really not needed and has
quite some potential of additional breakage.

Could you imagine not doing this part of the change?

If there would be voting in Debian Edu I would also vote against that. I am not convinced that this change is necessary for squeeze and I am neither convinced that this change is needed for Debian Edu at all...

but only my 5¢...



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