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Wrong gateway address in default squeeze setup ( should be

Hi.  I just discovered that the default setup in Squeeze do not use
the first IP address in its subnet as the gateway address.  This is a
mistake I believe we need to fix.

The new and extended backbone network went from to earlier this year, but the server and gateway adressess
where not moved from to  I believe the gateway
should change from to  It might be a good idea to
move tjener from to too, but that is not equally

Without this, a lot of third party packages will propose the wrong
gateway address when configured to connect to the skolelinux backbone
network.  We break the principle of least surprise as sysadmins around
the globe are used to finding the gateway on the first IP address on a

This change will require some testing, so I suggest we do it first
thing after beta2 is released this weekend.  As part of this fix, I
plan to move the network configuration function from
debian-edu-install to debian-edu-config, to get all the subnet related
code in one package.

Changing the gateway IP address require changes to the function
generating /etc/network/interfaces in pre-pkgsel, and updates for the
DNS and DHCP setup in LDAP.

Changing the tjener IP address require updating all configuration
files refering to its IP address.  I do not yet have a complete list.
Happy hacking
Petter Reinholdtsen

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